Building Products for the Code and Domestic Refurbishment Standard


Building Products Positioning against the Code and Domestic Refurbishment Standard

Code Consultancy services is run by professionals with backgrounds in construction, building products and marketing and we have designed a number of packages to help you align your products with the Code for Sustainable homes and BREEAM including the new Domestic Refurbishment Standard.

Our basic package, reviews your products, literature and marketing materials and highlights areas which can be aligned with the code or BREEAM. We produce an independent report, describing how your product can gain credits/help to gain credits as part of a Code or BREEAMrating. This can be used in marketing campaigns, as a definitive reference for staff or to give to clients.

If you have already tackled the Code or BREEAM and incorporated it into your literature and sales materials, you may need our update service to keep you informed of the changes every 6 months and how this might affect your market.

You may want training for your staff, to better understand the relevant sections of the code or BREEAM and be available to confidently answer queries from customers, so that your company's reputation is enhanced.

Architects contractors and consultants working to the Code for Sustainable Homes or BREEAM have found difficulties identifying products which can be specified to achieve a certain number of credits.

Questions for building products companies supplying the new-build housing market.

If a specifier calls your company and asks what materials ratings your products gain under the Code or BREEAM , or how your products perform against the code, would all your sales staff be able to answer correctly?

If a journalist calls researching products to feature which help achieve various levels of the Code or BREEAM, would you have an accurate Code or BREEAM statement prepared?

Does your brochure and marketing literature describe the benefits of your product in relation to the Code for sustainable homes or BREEAM?

If you couldn't answer all of these questions with a definite yes, you are missing a major marketing opportunity.

In recent research by Code Consultancy Services, many building products companies have not been able to answer simple queries relating to their products in relation to the Code or BREEAM.

It is relatively easy to review your position in relation to the Code or BREEAM and ensure that you are making the most of the opportunities.

We can also help your staff understand the code or BREEAM and be available to answer more difficult queries so that your company's reputation is enhanced.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help.