Code for Sustainable Homes November 2010 - Changes

Following a period of consultation, the Code has been modified and updated.

The key areas of change are summarised below.

Changes that have been made to the 2010 update to the Code

Aligning the Code with zero carbon policy
• Aligning the Code with Part L 2010. Code level 4 continues to be a 44 per cent improvement above Part L 2006 (25 per cent above Part L 2010).
• Adopting the Fabric Energy Efficiency Standard which replaces Heat Loss Parameter in ENE2.
• Moving credits from ENE1 to ENE2 to incentivise a ‘fabric first approach’.
• Allowing fractions of credits in ENE1 and 2 (NB. if this proves successful the Government may consider rolling it out to other areas as appropriate).
• Removing credits for internal lighting and replacing it with a new Energy Display category.
• Requiring evidence to be provided by house builders on the energy efficiency of appliances provided as optional extras if they choose to gain the 1 credit for leaflet provision.
• Introducing a requirement for certification under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme or assurance under the CHPQA, in issue Ene7.

Streamlining the Code
• Postponing the introduction of Lifetime Homes as a mandatory requirement at Code level 4 and 5.
• Introducing an exemption on steeply sloping sites for the external Lifetime Homes requirements, and award three out of the four available points.
• Changing the technical guide criteria in order to better reflect current thinking and standards on accessibility.
• Removing the mandatory requirement for Site Waste Management Plans, and replacing this with voluntary credits for minimising or diverting waste to landfill.

Resolving problems that have arisen in use
•Adopting the revised standards for Surface Water Management in SUR1, subject to amendments by the Environment Agency and other experts. However this will be removed once the National Standards for SUDS are introduced.

If you would like more information on how the changes will affect your projects and whether it would be appropriate to re-register any projects to this new version, please contact us.