Waste Water Heat Recovery Systems Advice

There is a growing range of Waste Water Heat Recovery Systems on the market.

Many of these are relatively new technologies and generally the only advice available has been from the manufacturers themselves.

Following several years of working with new developments in this field we have gained a real depth of experience in this area.

Code Consultancy Services has now launched an independent Service: Waste Water Heat Recovery Advice

We offer an independent service to appraise new technologies and offer comparisons between specific technologies. If you need an independent view on the issues raised by the following questions, please get in touch to discuss your needs:

How much energy will 'X' technology really save?

How does 'X' technology compare with Y and Z technologies?

What questions and issues should I raise with the manufacturers to help me assess their technology?

What maintenance issues are there and what are they likely to cost?


We offer independent reports on new technologies and bespoke consultancy.


Please call us on T: 0207 608 5524 to discuss further.