Water Management Statements



Code Consultancy Services provides Water Management Statements for planning and other purposes.

In many local authority areas, water management statements are required to assess the impact a new development will have on a variety of issues including:

  • Flood Risk
  • Sustainable Drainage
  • Water uptake
  • Water conservation
  • Biodiversity

Rainwater and greywater re-use often has to be considered, so our water management statements often include:

  • Rainwater harvesting feasibility studies
  • Greywater recycling feasibility studies

We provide Water management statements for all sites which meet the requirements of the local authority planning department.

If your project is going to be assessed under the Code for sustainable homes we can provide a Code Sur1 and 2 report and code compliant Flood Risk assessment combined with your water management statement, to save costs and time associated with doing two seperate reports.

We are experts on Sur 1 and 2 compliance for the code for sustainable homes and can guarantee code compliant reports.

To discuss your requirements and for a detailed quotation, please contact us.