Code & BREEAM Assessments

We are independent BREEAM & Code Assessors - so you get independent, expert advice and guidance on all areas of BREEAM and the Code.

We offer BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes Assessments, including:

  • Pre-assessment reports for Planning Applications
  • Pre-assessment reports, advice and guidance at early design stages
  • Planning application support where BREEAM or Code for Sustainable homes is required
  • Registration of your development
  • Full design review and advice on most appropriate level strategy for your development
  • Working with your team to ensure knowledge develops along with the project
  • Guidance on achieving specific ratings
  • Design Stage assessment of your project leading to interim certificate
  • Post-construction Stage Report leading to final BREEAM or Code Certificate

Our clients value our independence - we aren't architects, we aren't a large multi-disciplinary practice, we are purely focussed on BREEAM and the Code. We think this specialism gives us an edge. One of our clients recently said to us

" choosing the right code assessor can save you thousands!" 

He said this after a brief conversation, where we highlighted ways they could save money on a code assessment they had already started before knowing us.

Where necessary, we use a network of trusted associates when clients require additional input and supplementary reports such as SAPS and Ecology reports. This means we choose the best skills and experience for a specific project and you get good independent reports.

Please contact us for more details about our services and a quotation.