Greywater Systems Advice

Independent Greywater Systems Advice

With over 5 years experience as consultants to greywater recycling systems companies, we are now launching our service to provide clients with independent advice in this growing market.

As many new products and new technology types enter the market, it can difficult to know what questions to ask, and even harder to get unbiased analysis of a product or system.

We work with Housing associations, Developers, Architects, Contractors, Product manufacturers, Cost Management consultants and other companies focused on the residential new-build and refurbishment sectors.

We cover pure greywater systems, wastewater heat recovery systems, rainwater harvesting systems and the new  combined systems combining wastewater heat recovery with water recycling.

Our experience also spans work on rainwater harvesting systems with market leading companies, so when it comes to independent advice and comparisons between rainwater and greywater systems, we draw on many years indepth knowledge.

We are available as consultants and to provide training workshops.


For further information, please call us on T: 0207 608 5524