Code Consultancy Services

Our consultancy services include:


Code related reports and calculations

  • Sur 1 and 2 Reports
  • Flood Risk Assessments for Code compliance
  • Water Management Statements
  • Calculations for Rainwater harvesting
  • Feasibility studies for Rainwater harvesting
  • Feasibility studies for Grey water recycling
  • Home User Guides
  • Daylighting Calculations
  • Code positioning reports showing how building products meet the code


Code for Sustainable Homes - Surface Water Runoff Compliance

As members of the CLG Surface Water Runoff review group and the only company to have run dedicated Code SWRO courses for assessors and engineers, we are experts on compliance in this area.

We currently act as consultants to developers and engineering firms who need schemes reviewing for compliance.

If you have any projects at any stage from early design to build complete, where code compliance with Sur 1 is in doubt, please call us to discuss how we might be able to assist.

Code for Sustainable Homes - Advisory Service

All organisations who have activities and policies relating to the code for sustainable homes may need advice on the code from time to time. Local authorities, housing associations, industry associations and private companies in the house building sector, will all need expert input from time to time, to inform changes and decisions.

We offer an ad-hoc service for those who only need to access advice from time to time and a more comprehensive service for organisations who need a more structured pro-active service to advise on issues as they arise and on a periodic basis.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs in more detail.

Code for Sustainable Homes  - Planning Departments

An increasing number of planning departments are developing local planning documents with sustainable housing sections requiring compliance with the Code for Sustainable Homes for new build or EcoHomes for refurbishment projects. We offer an expert advisory service to help develop appropriate Code policies and check these final documents to ensure they are robust and comprehensive.

We are involved with discussions around the consultation version of the Code and future updates and can help to ensure that you can future proof your policies and documents and are aware of the changes and impact of these on your policies in advance of the implementation date.

Please contact us to discuss your needs. 

Building Products - Positioning against the Code

For companies supplying products and services to the new build housing market, the Code for Sustainable Homes is a major opportunity or threat.

Code Consultancy services is run by professionals with backgrounds in construction, building products and marketing and we have designed a number of packages to help you align your products with the Code for Sustainable homes.

Our basic package, reviews your products, literature and marketing materials and highlights areas which can be aligned with the code. We produce an independent report, describing how your product can gain credits/help to gain credits as part of a Code rating. This can be used in marketing campaigns, as a definitive reference for staff or to give to clients.

If you have already tackled the Code and incorporated it into your literature and sales materials, you may need our update service to keep you informed of the changes every 6 months and how this might affect your market.

You may want training for your staff, to better understand the relevant sections of the code and be available to confidently answer queries from customers, so that your company's reputation is enhanced.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and how we might be able to assist.